Jan 19

saveMyStatus – A script to manage the chat statuses in a better way in Empathy

This is a script I wrote long time ago.It will load the last used status when Empathy restarts or when one of the accounts of the user comes online. This functionality was not available in Empathy at the time I wrote this script. Every time I restart Empathy, its chat status was reset to “Available”. But now it seems that the new Empathy versions has the capability to remember the last used chat status (whether it was “Available”, “Busy”, “Away”, or “Invisible”).  But still Empathy cannot remember the chat status message that was used in the last time. This script adds all this functionality to Empathy.

How to use this:

(These guidelines are for Ubuntu 11.04 . But procedure will be lot common
in other Linux flavours too)

0) Get the code from https://github.com/ishanthilina/saveMyStatus

1).Create a folder named “.scripts” in the home directory. Copy this script to that folder.
2).Go to Startup Application Preferences (search for “startup” in dashboard).
3).Click Add.
4).Give any Name you like.
5).In Command, click on Browse and select your script from the file browser (which is in
6).Add a comment if you like.

Now the script will run from the next time you login to the computer. Have fun. And don’t forget to give me feedback 🙂

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Sep 24

Start empathy automatically when network connection is available

I have noticed that Empathy (the default multi-protocol chat client in Ubuntu 11.04) doesn’t re-login to the accounts after the network is dropped and re-connected. So I wrote the following python script to solve this problem. The script will be using D-bus signals to detect the network connection status.This will make empathy to,


  • connect automatically when network connection is established (even when empathy is not running).
  • re-login to accounts when the network gets dropped and reconnect again(very useful when using wireless connections).



To use this script add it to the startup applications. Command to be given is “python /<path>/<to>/<script>/empathyConnect.py


Download:: http://ishans.info/attachments/article/64/empathyConnect.py

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