Jun 03

How to put Conky under the windows?

Some of you may have experienced the problem of Conky being over the windows when the machine starts. So you have to manually restart Conky using killall conky; conky . But this can be easily avoided by editing the .conkyrc file. All you have to do is to set the “own_window_type” option to “normal”. Then Conky will appear under the windows when the OS restarts.

Happy Conkying….!

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May 09

mod_rewrite problems in Apache2 + Ubuntu ?

How to check whether mod_rewrite is installed?

Create a text file named check.php in the www folder and insert the following code to it.

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Then go to the web page in your browser using the url “localhost/check.php”. Then you’ll see information about the php version of the system. Under the “Configuration” title there’s another title called “apache2handler”. In that table there’ll be a entry named “Loaded Modules”. Check to see if it contains the name “mod_rewrite “.If you can see that name then mod_rewrite is installed to apache.

If mod_rewrite is not installed?

mod_rewrite can be installed using the “sudo a2enmod rewrite” command in the terminal.

How to check whether mod_rewrite is working properly?

A good tutorial on this can be found in http://www.webune.com/forums/how-to-test-check-if-mod-rewrite-is-enabled-t40.html.

mod_rewrite is not working even though it is installed?

Navigate to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled as root and open the text file “000-default”. Then replace all the “AllowOverride None” with “AllowOverride All”( There’ll be 3 entries ). Then restart apache using sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart .

This should solve the problems.

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Feb 10

Can’t play songs in Amarok after installing it in ubuntu?

I installed Amarok in Ubuntu Yesterday. But the problem was it couldn’t play mp3/mpg/mp4/m4a files. After a bit of searching I was able to figure out a solution. What you have to do is to install libxine1-ffmpeg package. It just a simple

sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg

Then everything worked fine for me. Hope this helps…!

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